Rebecca At The Temple


From: The Gospel of St. John The Bright


    39 And it came to pass that Rebecca performed all things according

to the law of the Lord, and they dwelt in the valley of Cache, in their

own city Lewiston.


    40 And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with

wisdom: and the grace of God was upon her. 


    41 Now her parents John and Kathryn went to Salt Lake City every

year at the feast of Thanksgiving.


    42 And when she was nine years old, they went up to Temple Square to

see the lights after the custom of the feast.


    43 And there were with them many kinsmen with infants to be blessed

and with children to be baptized in the font of the Tabernacle.


    44 And when they had fulfilled the day, as they turned to the home

of the kinsman of her mother's brother, the child Rebecca tarried behind

among the multitude in the valley of the Crossroads Center near upon

Temple Square; and John and her mother knew not of it.


    45 But they, supposing her to have been in the company, went an

evening's journey unto Holladay to celebrate the day; and there they

sought her among their kinsfolk and acquaintance.


    46 And when they found her not, they turned unto the talking wire to

call upon the elders of the Temple and the Samaritan guardians of the

Crossroads, seeking her.


    47 And it came to pass, that after many minutes they found that she

was at the valley of the Crossroads.


    48 And they were forthwith comforted, for she was a fair child and

they knew she was safe among the Samaritan guardians, for they were

officers of security.


    49 And after three hours they found her at the tent of the uniformed

Samaritan guardians, both hearing and asking questions and eating

treats; and she was looking outward and perceiving a man in a white

beard and a red and white suit and stocking cap attending to the desires

of other children.


    50 And all that saw and heard her were astonished by her calmness

and understanding.


    51 And when they saw her, they were amazed: and her mother said unto

her, Daughter, why hast thou thus dealt with us?  behold, thy father and

I have sought thee sorrowing.


    52 And she said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist thou

not that I was marveling at the Saint of the season? 


    53 And she went down with them, and came to Lewiston, and was

subject unto them.


    54 And Rebecca increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with

God and man.