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Words of Wisdom

Essay for KTS Firm Weekly Newsletter 5/2013


Which am I, Mitty or Gump?

An autobiographical quiz about Ken Allen


When a Network is a Notwork
Featured Guest Editorial of the Palo Alto Daily News, Dec. 8, 2011 on Cell Services in Palo Alto


Invention Pacts: Between the Lines
From EDN Magazine Online Published 8/9/02

"How (NOT) to Disclose an Invention"
From Intellectual Property Today

 "Reality Checks"
(Personal essay from "California Law Business Magazine of The Daily Journal  May 1998)

Economics and Career Planning
From a letter to a son

So Now You Want to Work at a DOT-COM?
Advice to a young associate

Thoughts on How to Run a Modern Law Office

In Defense of Freedom
Thoughts on 9-11

Palo Alto Centricity
(Observations on a city)

"A New Media Center for the Mid-Peninsula"
(from the Cable Co-op Annual Meeting, September 26, 1999)

The Spinout of Sparrow Number 96
Description of a three-wheeled vehicle rollover

The Gyro Effects of Rotating Masses in the Sparrow Electric Tricycle Vehicle

A Senior Couple Mission to Germany
Living the Law of Consecration Today

Touching China

Observations from a visit to Dalian, China



Report on India 2007

India, a state of many nations and layered cultures



The Loma Prieta Quake of 89: LDS Ham Radio Efforts near the Epicenter





Turning the Heart of the Children to Their Fathers

A Father’s Day sermon about family history given June 15, 2014


What I Learned From a Senior Mission

Address given October 13, 2013


They That Have Wandered
A sermon given August 29, 2010 in Palo Alto, California

Looking Ahead: Renewal, Repentance, Restoration, and Resurrection
A sermon given December 28, 2008

Small Things Change the World
A sermon given June 23, 2002

Easter '91
An Easter sermon with Thoughts on the Atonement of Christ

On Becoming a Zion Society
A sermon given November 14, 2004

Aus dem 13. Glaubensartikel:
Ein Verständnis der wahren Bedeutung der Christusliebe

Predigt von Elder Kenneth Allen
Hamburg-Langenhorn, Deuschland, den 18. März 2006

The Thirteenth Article of Faith: Understanding the Meaning of the Love of Christ
A sermon given February 18, 2008 in Palo Alto, California

What God Expects from Us and What We Receive
English language version of a sermon first given 16 July 2006
Hamburg-Altona, Germany

The Return of Elder Reed Allen 12/31/00)

Genealogical Interest

Excerpts from the book Chronicles of the Akert Family of Aussersihl-Zurich (1995)
 The family history and genealogy of the Akert Family in Switzerland and America
co-authored, translated, and edited by Ken Allen

(Copies in PDF format available from the author)

Daniel Allen, Pioneer Tanner
by Kenneth R. Allen
Published in the Genealogical Journal of International Genealogical Society, March 2003, with updates

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